Welcome To Lutzi Rockwell’s Webplace!

I’m Lutzi Rockwell. I write and live on The Oregon Coast. This is my blog/newsletter and place where I’ll be posting essays. I also have a tendency to post nature and cat pics :-)

My speculative fiction is typically in the realm of action-horror, adventure-horror, sci-fi, and psychological thriller.

Feel free to email at lutzirockwell@gmail.com

-Lutzi Rockwell, Writer

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The webplace for Oregon Coast-based speculative fiction writer, Lutzi Rockwell. 🐳 Essays and Short Stories. Fiction to make you go, "Whoa" and "What?"


Speculative fiction writer and amateur whale watcher located on the Oregon Coast. Action-horror, sci-fi, and psychological thrillers written to make you go, 'Whoa.' 🐳